Why Can’t TV Anchors Disagree?

It’s almost like they’re all reading from the same script: Some robotic surrogate for POTUS will be on a talk show and, just before reciting an”alternate fact” that everybody knows is false, prefaces it with “As you know . . . ” or, “I’m sure you’ll agree that . . . ” or its equivalent, and, for whatever reason—time constraints, deference, ignorance, timidity, or whatever—the interviewer does not simply say, “Excuse me. I *don’t* know. I deal in facts!” or, Sorry, but I damn sure don’t agree!.” But they almost never do—and I start screaming at the television.


CASABLANCA: Beyond the Tea Party – What can we do?

As I’ve stated previously, I think that the folks behind the INDIVISIBLE TEAM are brilliant and patriotic; I simply think that the tactics that brought the Tea Party to prominence in 2010 won’t work in this, the Time of Trump.

I believe that our efforts must be directed at the Senate and the House, as a program designed to:

  • disrupt efforts by the Republican-led Congress to coalesce behind any trumpist policy or bill or appointment.
  • distract trumpists from furthering their agenda by aggressively implementing our ownACTIONS
  • delay the implementation of any such, whether it be the mere introduction of a bill or its execution.
  • destabilize the Republican Congress to the point where it knows not whether it is coming or going.
  • discredit and delegitimize members of congress to the point that trumpist followers are demoralized.
  • deny any successful achievement of trumpist goals.

In the following sections, I will be laying out ACTIONS that I think can do just that.

CASABLANCA: Beyond the Tea Party – Introduction Pt 2

During the next four years, the expression, “new normal,” must never be spoken or invoked—under any circumstances whatsoever. Never. [1]

-Roger D Scimé


A Donald J Trump presidency could result in the extinction of every living thing on Earth.


Let me put it another way: On January 20, 2017, President Donald J Trump will have at his fingertips, the capability to incinerate the entire planet in a cataclysm of nuclear fire, on four-minutes notice.

Currently, nine countries are known to possess nuclear weapons: the United States, Russia, the Peoples Republic of China, the United Kingdom, India, Israel, France, North Korea, and Pakistan, and for the past several decades strenuous attempts have been made to (1) deny any additional countries from developing or obtaining nuclear weapons, and (2) reducing the number of nuclear warheads in each country’s arsenal.

Due to the almost-total devastation that even a limited a nuclear war would entail, with few exceptions these “nuclear” countries have agreed to these attempts.

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CASABLANCA: Beyond the Tea Party – Introduction Pt 1


I doubt there’s a person on Earth who is unaware of what occurred on November 8, 2016, the catastrophe that befell the United States of America: the election of Donald J. Trump—arguably the most unqualified, dangerous, and deranged candidate in America’s history—to be President of the United States.

I say that he’s unqualified because he is: He has never held a public office of any kind; in fact, he’s never been held accountable to anyone at any time in his life. He proudly proclaims that he doesn’t read books and that he obtains all of his news from television and the Internet. And that he’s the smartest person in the world.

I say that he is dangerous because he displays all the psychological characteristics of megalomania, sociopathy, and pathological narcissism—and he will soon be in command of the most powerful army in the history of civilization.

And I say that he is deranged because his positions on all things are often contradictory, are based on delusions—or worse—and because his worldview assumes that he is its center. Not that he is at its center, but that the world revolves around him.

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CASABLANCA: Beyond the Tea Party – Background


Who would have imagined that a sitting President of the United States, a man who had dedicated his life to decades-long public service, and who was now heading into his second term—who could imagine that such a man would:

  • Direct members of the highest levels of the US Government to spy on and sabotage the other party’s campaign efforts?
  • Employ the FBI to conduct warrantless background checks on private individuals?
  • Order the IRS to arbitrarily audit the tax returns of his political rivals as well as journalists who had offended him?

It may be hard to imagine, but Richard M. Nixon, the 36th President of the United States did all of those things—and for that he was impeached and forced to resign his office.

Ah, the good old days.
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CASABLANCA: Beyond the Tea Party – The Fabulist

For some time, I’ve been trying to figure out what to call the new president-elect. Most of the usual appellations are either too strong or too weak, too pejorative or too forgiving. None of the following seemed to capture the essence of Trump:

liar: accurate, but likely to lead to accusations of bias
prevaricator: too weak and likely to be misunderstood
perjurer: too legalistic
con man: too folksy

Then, suddenly, it came to me, from somewhere back in a half-forgotten memory—the perfect name to describe him: fabulist.

fabulist: (1) A person who composes or relates fables; (2) a liar, especially one who invents elaborately dishonest stories. (definition courtesy of oxforddictionaries.com.)

And, isn’t that just the single perfect descriptor? From thousands of Muslims dancing in the streets on 9-11 to Mexican rapists flooding across the borders to . . . well, I don’t really have to recite the litany, do I?

Donald J Trump: fabulist.

CASABLANCA: Beyond the Tea Party – Conventions

Donald Trump - Insane Clown PoseurHere are a couple of conventions I’ll be using throughout CASABLANCA:

Donald J. Trump – DJT, Insand Clown Poseur, fabulist

Princelings – The children of Donald J. Trump: Eric, Donald Jr.,  Ivanka, and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

  • trumpism (n) A political philosophy
  • trumpist (n) An adherent of trumpism
  • trumpist (adv) Describing an aspect of trumpism

trumpism is quasi-political political philosophy that has the characteristics of: 1) authoritarianism, 2) plutocracy, 3) oligarchy, 4) laissez-faire capitalism, 5) agnotology,[1] 7) dynasticism, 8) kleptology. trumpism, trumpist, and trumpian are always lower case.

[1] Agnotology. Culturally induced ignorance.

CASABLANCA: Beyond the Tea Party – Personal Statement

Roger D SciméMy name is Roger D Scimé and I am the sole author of this bit of resistance; I wish I weren’t working alone, but that’s the way it turns out sometimes. Maybe somebody will discover this series of documents somewhere on the Internet and wish to contribute. One can only hope.

I’m not a hero; on the contrary, I’m just a guy who has always loved the idea of America and and has wished that it would live up to its promise, without doing much about it.

Well, the time has come for mere wishing to end.

I believe, beyond any doubt, that the presidency and administration of Donald J. Trump represents an existential threat to the country that I love and an end of any chance of realizing its potential. I really do. Continue reading